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Entrepreneurs Mindset eBook

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Entrepreneurs Mindset eBook

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A recent survey found that more than 70% of people want to be some sort of entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur is a sought-after job for many reasons, including pride, purpose and possibly money


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There are many reasons why you should consider taking that giant step

and creating your own business and that’s what will be covered in detail in this eBook.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction- Why Become an Entrepreneur?
  • Chapter 2: The Importance of Passion
  • Chapter 3: Starting Your Dream Business
  • Chapter 4: Managing Others
  • Chapter 5: Staying Motivated
  • Chapter 6: Growing Your Business
  • Chapter 7: Communication Skills
  • Chapter 8: Marketing
  • Chapter 9: The Entrepreneur’s Mindset
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