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Customer Service

You can reach customer service by submitting a support ticket on the Contact Us page or you can call 1-800-796-9323 during regular business hours

Yes, you can view all purchase history once you make a purchase and create your account

Yes, you can submit a support ticket 24/7 to have your ticket logged and worked on in queue.  However, a live representative will only be available during regular business hours.


eBook is short for electronic book. This book will come in a printable, downloadable and digital format

No, as with anything in life nothing is guaranteed. We cannot and will not promise false dreams and hopes. We will say the material we are selling is proven to generate more passive income.  There is money to be made!

Yes, you may be able to locate our eBooks on other sites. Yet, we seriously doubt, that you will find them at a lower price.  Also, not to mention if further 1-1 consulting is needed, we provide a discount to assist you implement or take action for products purchased from us.

Emmerging Solutions offers a Consultant On-Demand package. Browse https://emmerging.com/consultant-on-demand to determine if that is a service you can benefit from.

If you get into reselling, you will only have to purchase the license ONCE. Check out the Become an Affiliate page under Quick Links.

Check out the Become an Affiliate page under Quick Links.


No, once you purchase your digital product there are no additional delivery charges or hidden delivery fees

After you purchase your digital product, your item (s) will be available for instant and immediate download.

Yes, if there any sort of file issue or defect with the product we will have a support specialist troubleshoot and or provide you a new eBook version

No, your digital product will never expire.  However, products may become outdated and new purchases my become an option.

Once you make a purchase and feel educated and see your own results, the only thing you’ll need is a place to start selling your digital goods. You can sell directly from your website and our partners over at www.4LessWebDesigns.com will give you a 10% discount on their already low packages or use a platform like Sellfy or Shopify.
Use Coupon: eBooksLess


eBooksEntrepreneur.com is a website operated by Emmerging Solutions LLC. The company is equipped with trained and skilled consultants that specialize in business.  Emmerging Solutions can curate a training package to serve you remote or in-person to assist with your entrepreneur journey. 

Check out their Consultant On-Demand (COD) subscriptions at https://emmerging.com/consultant-on-demand


Yes, we have a toll-free number. 1-800-796-9323 to reach live support Monday-Friday 9am-7pm CST and Saturday 7am-12pm CST


Please read our Refund Policy


Yes, we will sometimes run a deal or special. All needed codes and coupons will be provided and will be honored during time of promotion.

If you are experiencing an issue opening the eBook, audiobook or video please contact support.

Our Difference

We have provided our commitment that the items in our store can assist with making you money. We have been in business for over 10 years and have now decided to package and support eBooks that can assist all entrepreneurs.  We are giving you the facts, it will not be easy but if you execute the various plans, steps and blueprints you are on a road to increasing your revenue.

eBooksentrepreneur.com is a world class asset because it sets the stage and provides an inspiring entrepreneur with actionable plans without having to put years of work into gaining the needed knowledge about making passive income. 

Our eBook Category Overview

This General category is a loaded one. The category is a curation of content that provides, guides, steps, lists and good information. The General category was created to weed out the noise but to still group many categories that are well known but at the same time more appropriately located with a group of other powerhouse material. We have this category in place to ensure that any product that can assist with making money is accounted for and is available to consumers like you. The material in this category is significant and for the right person, one can find the niche “gem” of information they are seeking.

Drop Shipping is a legitimate order fulfillment method. We have proof that the Drop Shipping model works and can make money. There is a lot to learn and explore with this business, so we have curated material and add it to the General category.

Many of us start off as solo entrepreneurs. A Solopreneur is essentially someone that operates their business on their own. In this category we have focused on products that can support the systems of operating as a Solopreneur.

We took out the grunt work and have designed this category to collect many topics and the options for your exploration.

The Business Growth category is designed to provide products that supports scaling, new services, partnerships, and coaching. This category can be more fitting for a more established entrepreneur or even someone new starting out that want to shape their ideas and business plan. Nonetheless, Business Growth is just that, we have captured money making content to help grow your business.

This category is a loaded one.  The General category was created to weed out the noise. We have this category in place to ensure that any product that can assist with making money is accounted for and is available to consumers like you.  The material in this category is significant and for the right person, one can find the niche “gem” of information they are seeking.

Marketing is very heavy and with many options and targets to generate income.  As entrepreneurs we have learned that there is synergy between the various types of marketing techniques and streams of revenue within the category of Marketing.   We did not limit our consumers knowledge focus. Therefore, we grouped the products in this category so one can view the curation of Marketing with an open view of different types of money-making plays within Marketing. 

This is a long withstanding entrepreneurial money-making endeavor.  Yet so many entrepreneurs focus on the simple and quick of buy and sale.  There are many ways to gain lucrative money with Real Estate.  In this category, one can find various products to expand or begin the established and generational wealth truths of Real Estate.   

The Work from Home category gives focus to the ideal of being able to generate money from the comfort of your home. You may have to setup an actual office depending on the business you are operating but the products within this category can truly happen at your house or home location. That home location could essentially be a beach, park or etc. Explore this category and see if you can transition your life to Work from Home.  Other products in other categories may also operate as Work from Home but this category will allow you to explore this entrepreneurial option per our curation with success of working from home.  

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